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• Professional Artists - In addition to our original work, Gallery Direct contracts with fine artists from around the world. An artist gets paid whenever you order a licensed print from Gallery Direct.

Limited Edition Artwork - A licensed art print from Gallery Direct is one in a limited edition of prints. Unlike open editions, limited edition prints are valued as fine art. On our paper and canvas prints, you can usually find a small number in the corner specifying which print in the edition you now own.

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Top Grade Materials

• Gallery Quality Canvas - Canvas from Gallery Direct is manufactured and primed without the harmful chemicals found in lower quality canvases, and we work directly with our canvas provider to ensure this. The cotton/polyester weave is preferred by artists due to its strength and durability. A canvas print from Gallery Direct is made with the leading production technology for color-perfect prints that will last a lifetime.

• Fine Art Papers - Fine Art Papers from Gallery Direct are always archival with archival inks. Not only will your art stand the test of time, it will pop with the richest colors possible.

• Giclée Printing - Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a patented printing technology that forms images using microscopic droplets of ink. This unique patented feature produces a near continuous tone image, smoother gradation between tones, and a more finely differentiated color palette. Giclée reproductions allow for a resolution up to 1,800 dots per inch and broad color range that captures the subtlest nuance of the original in a way that poster prints simply can’t match.

Gallery Quality Canvas
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Gallery Quality Frames

Quality Craftsmanship

• Quality Glass Framing - We offer crystal clear, gallery quality glass as our standard option and back it up with a guarantee that it will arrive in pristine condition. Scratch resistant, UV filter, and anti-reflective options are also available.

• Puttied Corner Frames - Our frame experts use a small amount of color-matched putty to ensure there are no gaps in your frame’s corners. This is a fine detail rarely found outside of custom frame shops, but it comes standard at Gallery Direct.

• Wired Hanging System - Your art from Gallery Direct doesn’t just arrive ready to hang, it arrives installed with D-rings and/or wire, which is the gallery standard that allows it to rest flat against the wall. You’ve probably seen lower quality frames with weak, unreliable sawtooth hangers, but you won’t find them at Gallery Direct. Our gallery quality assurance applies to every detail of your print and frame.

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